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  1. Wlad should go to Hollywood, amazing looking, smart dude.

  2. Wlad is just technically too good for the devision right now thats why it seems boring to some fans. he is jus outclassing the opponents and is not even giving them the chance to touch him what makes it a one way fight. Its boxing close to perfection you can not even compare it anymore to the old school styles, boxing just evolved too much just like everything evolves with the time. but if you understand what he is ectually doing in the ring its pure entertainment.

  3. Take your cursing and shit talk to another channel. BLOCKED

  4. That’s great for you but you can now follow them at another channel. BLOCKED. I don’t allow the name calling BS on my channel.



  6. a champion & a gentleman

  7. SouthernSniper74

    Klitschko should of Punched Rome’s head off his neck

  8. classy guy

  9. they have alot of kos but they are real boring

  10. I don’t watch boxing too often. The only fighters i hear about are the Klitschko brothers, Mayweather and Pacquiao. I’m not trying to bring the sport down or insult it but can someone tell me who will take their place after they retire and keep boxing from going down. Once again i don’t mean to make it sound like boxing has no future, just wondering about that.

  11. how did you get this videos 

  12. JusticeWillBDone

    Yes I know but I’m a bit worried that my girlfriend wants to marry Wladimir. She thinks she has a chance because I have got us a couple of tickets for the fight in Bern. Should be fun. I will do anything to make her happy, Just as long as she comes back to me at night.

  13. JusticeWillBDone

    This must be due to live TV stress. OK OK true he does sound very rude indeed when he said ” you know what, I am going to cut you off right now” LOL I love him and he is great.
    I look forward to Bern. Will you be at the fight? I’ve already got my tickets YEAH !!! Just leave Haye to Hollywood LOL

  14. Do re watch and listen again as you do you will see that Klitschko rather than Rome brought up David Haye. As you see this again you will see that Klitschko was off with Rome. True fact is Rome said that he “Klitschko” brought it up first. This is far from an insult! Once again I am a fan of Klitschko this doesn’t make him come across as “right” when his is king in the ring. Nothing wrong with making a few rude mistakes in life. I will refrain from commenting if one is not open to heard facts.

  15. He didnt sound nervous but more pissed off and insulted that Rome brought up David Haye again after his rediculous performance run around act

  16. I mean @3:41

  17. Yes I agree but you are still missing the point. My original comment was about Klitschko’s “response” to “rome” in the interview @3:23. I wasn’t commenting on anything else but Klitschko’s nerves during the interview. Keep in mind that this is not a question of what was going on in the ring but “how” Klitschko’s defense came across @3:23. I hope that clears things up for you and thanks for your responding.

  18. Klitchko’s point before and after the fight was that Haye was an unworthy opponent who only got this opportunity because he ran his mouth and duped the media into believing his bullshit. It was clear during the fight that Haye didnt want to take any risks that would get him KO’d or embarrassed so his strategy was to run around the ropes for 12 rounds while attacking in small spurts to give the illusion of fighting

  19. Yes I totally agree!

  20. Well it is clear that Haye and Klitschko hate each other but that has nothing to do with being a worthy opponent. It was more like interview nerves which is not the same as being inside the boxing ring. Its’ just that sometimes one may want to come across like he does’nt care but it’s just a self defense from being on live TV which came across a bit off. am a {{massive}} Klitschko fan but Haye is still a fast and good fighter regardless if I like him or not. Anyways no more Haye

  21. He said that because he didnt think Haye was a worthy opponent compared to everyone else out there he should have faced

  22. Only thing boring is the bias US media who doesnt like them because their russian/euro’s.. Mayweather is more boring than any of them yet he makes 30 million beause the american HW’s get their asses kicked by him and his brother

  23. melissakosmicki

    The interviewer could improve his style and learn some manners.