Wladimir Klitschko “Dr. Steelhammer” EPIC HIGHLIGHTS 2012

Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Антон Бодня

    and you think Mariusz Wach win?) no chance

  2. Awesome!!! I saw Wladimir fight Samuel Peter in Atlantic City on 07/24/2005. I had 3rd row seats and he’s even more impressive in person. A true people’s CHAMPION!

  3. great video…Wladimir would dominate any era

  4. Who ever said Klitschkos are boring need to watch this…

  5. Отличная нарезка моментов! Отличная работа!

  6. Klitschko would have been a GOD if he had been alive during Nazi Germany!

  7. Thank you, I used my brain 😉

  8. It’s great.What software did you used? 🙂

  9. He has PhD in Sports Science.

  10. Wladimir Klitschko have dr too?

  11. Be patient, you will get “Can’t Stop” 🙂

  12. best right cross in heavyweight boxing ever.knows how to use his size.and a respectable guy.

  13. Belle vidéo! merci!!;-)

  14. Overrated? His boxing record speaks for itself. But I see, you as a minority desperately needed to be heard so I approved this comment. Btw thanks for disliking my vid lol

  15. Mark Petrie – Richat. I changed it a bit, reversed at the beginning and made it longer at the end.

  16. I love it! Can you tell me which music it is?

  17. NathanSmith180Darts

    very, very good :)

  18. Wlad is going to ownage tony thompson

  19. no problemo !! :))

  20. Gracias Hatsanie 🙂

  21. more more i want more…very good i love it !!

  22. more more i want more…very good i love it !! 🙂

  23. Impressed with the truth in your channel but I do not like in the games only for taekwondo

  24. swietny highlights Wasza Qkrutnosc !!