Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora Part 4

Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. johannsebastienbach

    he had injured his lfet hand in 2nd round. or else he would pound this ape out within 8 rounds

  2. De hermosa hueva el narrador, jeje.

  3. johannsebastienbach

    vitali sholud really retire. he looks slow and stiff now. at his thirties he would have wiped out a guy 10 times tougher than chisora by mounting a face on assualt in a few rounds

  4. counterstriving

    I think this fight shows three things: Chisora can take a punch, Vitali is going downhill a bit, and (3) he’s still the man to beat.

  5. fake

  6. What a boring ass fight that this has shaped up to be. They are not even trying ant this point to really win the fight they are just surviving through it.

  7. CheckDisOutpeeps

    What you said -Likes-

  8. поставить маяк Чиссоре немного,а то совсем не маячит..эти уходи ниже корпуса полный колхоз…никаких комбинаций ,апперкотов я не видел,ноги это вообще ужас,валится при каждом броске…а вообще,если поставить технику и движения корпусом думаю ушатал бы он Кличка к началу 8…Вот был бы Тайсон,быстренько он бы им всем натолкал..а это уже не бокс…лучше среднячков посмотреть ..вот я на Пакяьо присел..хороший качественные бои..

  9. 9:15 commentator saying stupid bastard ??? 🙂

  10. i’d like to see badr hari’s boxing debut against chisora

  11. klitschko very slow sluggish needs to retire and i reckon chisora got about £10 left out of purse for all the fighting and slaps before and after fight but chisora did good as he hasnt had that many fights

  12. both SUCK

  13. Chisora just would not stop hugging Klitschko and throw cheap shots at him!!! Chisora is a disgrace to england!!

  14. whiskeygoggles

    Vitali is clearly slowing down. He would have pounded this punk into a coma a few years back.

  15. Молодец Кличко, красавчик