Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora FIGHT BOX Last round [HD] Boxen WBC

Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. ryanbanksryan

    Chisora is classless scum, he’s exactly what boxing doesn’t need

  2. Dr. Vitli Klitchko congratulations from AFGHANISTAN. You are and will be a champion, a man of manner and a gentleman. Dont be surprised, this was a typical cheap, shallow and street level British attitude, exactly like the other cheap one, I mean Daivid. You are like a shining sun. God bless you.

  3. And Tyson can really bite too.

  4. mike tyson is a legend and the best can`t compare anybody with him, he was so aggressive and was always an opponents nightmare much before the match started!

  5. U lost bitch ass nigga

  6. Don’t these people know that Klitschko’s trainere Emanuel Stewart is black and the Klitschko brothers said that the blacks for them were an inspiration in boxing?
    People allways like to play the race card!

  7. Well, I think Mike Tyson was more aggressive. The interesting is that my first reaction was the same with Chisora: I thought “damn, that coward, how did he dare”. But then I watched the fight and in my opinion Chisora was even better. What I don’t like is that some people (not you) insult him as NIGGER and wish him to die. This should not be..

  8. No, never spoken to him, never met him etc. But couple of his last action’s is just bit too much, atleast for me. Sometimes he seems to be quite nice person, but in my opinion he is too aggressive to be professional fighter, ofc theres have to be a bit aggression, but he shows it in a “wrong” way. He is great, he can last punches and almost hit Vitali to the ground, but still thats just my opinion. And in some way I appreciate him. I don’t like personally Vitali at all.

  9. How do you know ? Have you ever spoken to him ? Do not let the media manipulate you. I understand that you are thinking like that, Chisora seems to be impulsive, but its just a small piece of his personality. What you see on TV is just an extract. What I think is that Klitschko is very cunning and false, as is the media.

  10. Why all these black british boxers so ignorant! One slapping, another one insult showing chopped head but in fact they all fucked up!

  11. walkingstranger

    Vitaliy is a good but very boring fighter.

  12. LeonidRozumenko

    Vitali has a big heart. he is a wonderful, intelligent man
    but when he steps in the ring he is the Greatest Champion of All Times!!!!!

  13. tru brothers gentleman till the end

  14. : I did my research well before coming to this conclusion. I do not mean racism in all spheres of british life but certainly they feel intimidated if the competition happens to be black. I saw it in Tennis with the william sisters. One british boxing commentator said that the Phillipino born boxer called mania Paqua or something is better than Muhammed Ali. That statement was clearly racist becuase he knew he was lying.

  15. Stupid comment. “many Brits would rather see Vitali win” is bacause he is likable and the baboun got his pennies for the fight. The same reason many people in the world like English clubs and are true fans of those. You want to call them Racists if they live in Cenegal and root for Drogba? Stop making stupid comments.

  16. the baboun lost against the big white Man

  17. @Dravreth: Boxing is not a gentleman`s Sport. Mike Tyson made Boxing more popular than the likes of Lewis. I am sure Vitali understood the game and reacted the way he did. Grow up.

  18. Chisora is great fighter, no doubt. But he is just idiotic person

  19. okay because Chisora is an idiot and people would rather back a good fighter and a gentleman is racist??? how so? Chisora slapping Vitali at the weigh in shows the sort of person he is. Boxers like that are an insult to the sport and in my experiance those who bring race into it when it has nothing to do with it are the ones that are usually racist and if us Brits are so racist the why does Lennox Lewis have such a strong fan base especially in England

  20. The fact that many Brits would rather see Vitali win shows that Racism is well and alive in that third world country. I love the Klitchkos but there will never be able to promote boxing the way the likes of Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Lennox Leweis, Evander Holyfied did. The white/Caucasian race will search forever for a white equivalent of the black champion but will remain disappointed as was with Basketball, as with football/soccer etc,

  21. Absolutely right!!! Chisora doesn’t deserve to fight on the ring. No respect to the sport, no respect to his opponent.

  22. chisora gay

  23. BuhkuhrooBanzai

    Chisora comes across like an emotional hissy bitch. A man is in CONTROL- like Klitschko. It’s a shame to see that a child like Dereck is allowed in the ring. Still in the end the MAN won.

  24. vitali too mature for chisora…

  25. willybigspuds

    You stupid, illiterate piece of shit. If black people could get themselves into a position where they could cause a problem I’m sure they would.