Mar 15

No bad blood with Mayweather, says Arum

Bob Arum, the legendary boxing promoter has rubbished claims that he tried to obstruct the negotiations ahead of a super fight years in the making between his protégé Manny Pacquiao and the pound for pound boxing king Floyd Mayweather Jr. which is now set to take place on May 2, in an event that is being billed as the biggest pay per view in the history of the sport.

During the negotiations stage, barbs were aimed at Arum from the camp of Mayweather Jr. who is his former charge that he was trying to obstruct the smooth negotiations for the fight, but Arum says that he does not bear any grudges against the American at all.

Arum promoted Mayweather Jr. during his first decade as a professional as he began to assert himself as the best pound for pound fighter in the world, who still remains undefeated. But the two had a very public falling out in 2006 when both of them sued each other for money. Arum claimed that the American borrowed money from his Top Rank Promotions and had failed to make the repayments while Mayweather Jr. claimed that the legendary promoter was holding back money from his purse that was due to him. Continue reading →

Feb 15


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Jan 15

Floyd Mayweather Argument With Radio Station For Ducking Manny Pacquiao For So Many Years (UPDATED)

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Jan 15

Debut As A Fight Promoter Of Rap Star Jay Z

For the very first time a musical rap start Jay Z will be seen as a fight promoter at Madison Square garden’s basement. The once known as Fabulous Felt forum is well known fighting den where the star is making a debut.

Jay Z and wife Beyonce will probably be a part of one of the main event. The event or show has been named as a hybrid fight where it will be great combination of music and boxing. The two of them are most probably going to be present to cheer some of the local fighters and give a kick start to Jay Z’s boxing journey. Continue reading →

Dec 14

Manny Pacquiao vs. Emmanuel Lucero

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Dec 14

Pacquiao wants a shot at Mayweather Jr.

Manny Pacquiao might be putting the final touches on his preparation for his upcoming title defence against Chris Algieri, but he has made it clear he wants a fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. if he manages to retain his title against the Junior Welterweight champion.

Speaking at a press meet ahead of his fight, the Filipino Bomber said that he has one very specific goal and that is to give the fans the fight they have been craving for almost the last decade, adding that he badly wants that fight against Mayweather Jr.

Pacquiao regained his World Boxing Council or WBC Welterweight Championship against the American Timothy Bradley barely two years after he was beaten under very controversial circumstances by the then undefeated American and now, he has turned his attention on another undefeated American in Mayweather Jr.

As the two legendary boxers come towards the end of their glittering careers, Pacquiao has made it clear that he wants the fight that will define their careers. The fight has been talked about for years but none of the fighters have been eager enough so far to make the fight happen.

But now, when it seems Pacquiao is ready to make the fight him, Mayweather Jr. is the one who is trying to avoid the fight.

Speaking in a recent press conference, the undefeated American said that he wishes Pacquiao only the best, adding that he doesn’t think about him, he doesn’t focus on what other fighters are doing.

However, Pacquiao, who is an eight division world champion, doesn’t think Mayweather is serious. He believes any match can be made with proper negotiations and that is what he hopes to achieve with his friend and Top Rank Promotions CEO Bob Arum who has wanted this match for a very long time.

Nov 14


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Oct 14

Boxer DAVID HAYE In His Mercedes + Gets A Ticket From Traffic Warden! HD

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Oct 14

Sonnen And Ross Team Up To Broadcast MMA

Chael Sonnen a retired UFC champion is going to make a new debut as a commentator in the upcoming MMA. He has been a well-known superstar as a fighter in UFC and knows some great points about the match. While he will take the centre stage of the MMA as a commentator it will make people love it as he has been outstanding in all the various roles he has played. The fact which makes this comeback a major one is that he will be teaming up with WWE hall of fame Jim Ross. Ross is a name in the word of fighting. He is a well famed commentator and he joining hands with the mixed martial arts star Chael will be an event to watch out for. Ross claimed his happiness of being able to broadcast the MMA is one of the things he is looking out for. This is because he was a big fan of MMA since childhood and hence it will be one of the events that he will be looking out for.

Ross has been a broadcaster of NFL and XFL games. Apart from this he has also broadcasted FOX sports boxing and WEE fights. He has also been a manager and a part time wrestler. Now MMA will be a new adventure for him that he is looking forward to. Sonnen also showed his gratitude to the decision as he said that it will be a mega event on television where Ross and he will be sitting on the cage side and broadcasting a MMA fight. He said that this will be an event which no one would ever like to miss. The fighter played his last 11 boults inside the octagon and later joined FOX sports in broadcasting the fights, now it will be interesting to do what he does with Ross.

Sep 14

Defeat leads to a smart move by Youriorkis Gamboa

Youriorkis Gamboa is a Cuban professional boxer who hails from very humble origins. The greatest achievement in his career remains the gold medal which he had won in the Athens Olympics. Sadly, he had to sell off his own medal in order to support his own family. Along with his brother he has been training in boxing from an early age and has never looked back since. There has been numerous accolades to his name in the Flyweight and featherweight categories.

Terrence Crawford succeeded in defeating Youriorkis Gamboa in the last game that both of them were involved in. It was a hardly fought affair and Gamboa had an upper hand in the opening rounds. But Crawford changed his stance and perplexed his opponents a bit. The attacks became quite predictable and he failed to come up with suitable answer to the tactics that were being used by his opponent. But he did not go down without the fight. The WBO Welterweight title was on line and Youriorkis Gamboa put in his best efforts to defeat his heavy built opponent. Size did matter in the end but one cannot help but appreciate the tenacity of the youngster. Gamboa seemed to have learnt a lesson from his mistake. Thereby he has decided to return to the super featherweight category and try his luck in the same. This is going to be a smart move as there are very few opponents in the category who can actually compete against him. This will ensure him more of a title opportunity. The fans shall be looking forward to his success in the coming years. He is already a star in his own right with a huge number of people following him on and off the ring. The coming years are going to be most challenging for sure.