Mayweather And Pacquiao Might Come Back In The Ring Again

For all boxing fans a mega fight would be in the lines of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr being put back in the ring again.

Last year around this time both had met in the ring, the fight had been highly anticipated and it threw up surprising results. This time it is rumored that the fight will be scheduled again between these two fighters. With news of a rematch in the air, Floyd Mayweather Jr would be getting back in the ring even after officially signing out of the same with a record of 49-0.

Manny Pacquiao on his side has been eyeing a career in politics. Hence, if the fight happens, it would be a farewell fight for Mayweather. Mayweather has stirred up speculations by stating in an interview that he might come out of retirement if he is offered big money for a fight. He also stated that CBS and Showtime are looking at getting him back in the ring. For those who are speculating as to who might be his opponent, it is suggested that Pacquiao might be able to help him reach the numbers that would lead to a big fight. The fight has to be of championship levels. While some feel that Mayweather has retired for good, others feel that another rematch between the two would fare well among the fans.

The previous fight had received nearly five million in pay per views. Mayweather had won that fight though later on it was revealed that Manny had a shoulder injury during the fight. Hence, a fair fight is what all fans would be eager to see once more. It might soon be confirmed or fans would simply have to wait out to see how their favorite fighters take up alternate careers.

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