Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko

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  1. Taekwonboy95R


  2. TheHeretoannoy

    Tell Danny Garcia that then because he was getting fucked up with Khan speed then one powerful hook knocked Khan out. So Speed only kills if you can use it.

  3. Rav1ification

    Lewis was overrated….yes he dominant a smaller out of shape Tyson who was way past his prime, mentally not right and wanted to quit, a 20 year old Tyson would have had Lewis seeing stars…..Vitali dominated this fight would of won on points or knocked Lewis out he just survived this….

  4. Rav1ification

    Vitali’s record is the best out of Lewis, Tyson, Holyfield etc he has a higher knockout % and his 2 losses were out of his hands with injury and a cut, he didnt quit so wasnt really beaten or knocked out……Lewis was kocked out twice……I’d say it would have been interesting had Vitali been around his peak when Tyson and Holyfield Lewis were fighting each other……..

  5. Rav1ification

    It makes no sense for Vitali to fight Haye now it could of been made before Wladimirs fight…..David couldnt beat the guy with more belts and his prime so yeah lets go after the older brother who now looks old and slow at 41……Vitali should vacate the belt and let Haye earn it by beating the guy at the top Wladimir…..

  6. David Haye WILL beat Vitali if he gets a shot. Haye will also beat Wlad if he gets a re-match. David only lost to Wlad because David had a broken toe which prevented him from detonating his bombs on Wlads dodgy chin, combined with the fact that Wlad is the most boring fighter who cheated by grabbing and dragging David to the floor about a dozen times each time he sensed David getting dangerous close. Because of his broken toe and reach disadvantage Haye stuggled to overcome these cynical tactics

  7. I think you need to get a brain, eyes and ears installed.
    Lennox Lewis won the fight by 6th round TKO. Lennox landed huge uppercuts in the 5th and 6th round that almost lifted Vitalia off his feet.

  8. danceswithwolvesful

    You are exactly right. People always made excuses. Boxing is 12 rounds sport not 6 and Lewis had already won 2 rounds. The first cut was too close to the bone and the cut man couldn’t do nothing. Vitali had another two cuts under the same eye. If this fight would have continued Vitali would lost his eye and his career would have finished. As about the remach Lewis retired not because of Klitschko, but because he had nothing else to prove. He had already proved everything to everyone.

  9. You are all shit Jas Raymond Vitalis face was like your grandmas pussy…i wish the ref did not stopped the fight so lewis can punch the retina out of his eye so vitali would not fight again…the ref is so gay for stopping the fight you stupid ref. Vitalis eye was cut into six gashes and that was caused by lewis that got a hiding lol. Isnt it funny that vitalis eye was ripped apart by an old man. And vitali wasnt able to give the same treatment to the young chisora. Youre the man lewis!

  10. Lewis sucks

  11. Buul shit he got his azz whooped

  12. fuck off vitalij, lennox lewis is the best!!!!!

  13. JellyBeanMolotov

    Judah, Ali and Khan didn’t loose those fights to power, they lost them due to over confidence, lack of respect for their opponents abilities. I didn’t say stupidity beats power, I said speed does. 

  14. and david haye thinks he will beat this guy..give me a break

  15. klitschko won that fight..that upper cut lifted lewis off the ground

  16. tyson beat nobody

  17. xXxScarXxXFacexXx

    Even Lennox Lewis can’t stand Larry Merchant

  18. xXxScarXxXFacexXx

    larry merchant always sounds like he’s trying to say something prophetic

  19. Billy idiot what are you on about! Lewis was way past his pime and vitali was at his peak just accept the fact that young vitali got whupped by an old lewis! U talk about a rematch just look at lewis’s fights when he is in perfect shape he whupped rahman in the 4th round and watch his fight against golota lewis whupped him in the first. Now a rematch with lewis in a well prepared state will do more damage to vitali than this fight.Please think boxing when u comment and be logic dont just blab!

  20. Yep, thats why Zab Judah got KTFO by Kostya Tszyu, Ali lost to Frazier and most recently Khan to Garcia….come on, man.

  21. JellyBeanMolotov

    Speed always beats power in boxing.

  22. billyelliot1975

    Lewis was lucky that his glove roughed up Vitali’s eye…Lewis had no conditioning to finish that fight. Not sure how Lewis thinks he won that fight apart from the cut. I guess he didn’t want a rematch, otherwise he would have been toast.

  23. danceswithwolvesful

    Thanks bud.

  24. danceswithwolvesful

    Who gives a fuck if you are fan of Vitali? The point is that you write ridiculous comments about boxing like Tyson was too small for Vitali. Got it big body boxer’s rectum sniffer? Oh i forgot, when you have debt, problem has your lender not you. Personal i prefer drachma.

  25. XxV3NGEANC3xX

    That uppercut at 55:34 was absolutely monstrous the impact was loud as fuck no idea how Klitschko was still standing after that