Katie Will Work On To Gain Her Sixth World Medal

Those who have been fans of Katie Taylor will realize that she has been on the throne, undisputed and unchallenged in her reign that has lasted about eleven years.

The loss came from this Thursday at a match with Estelle Mossley of France. Katie is known to be a scholar at Sky Academy Sports. This bout would have ended up in securing for her the sixth crown in world boxing. However, Mossley was able to beat her. It was the semifinal bout that was held in Kazakhstan in a place called Astana.

In this tournament Katie was in impressive form during the first round of the tournament. However, when the final bout came round she found it to be challenging and could not keep it up. The first round was secured by her in a contest that was tight and lasted for two minutes. The second round saw both opponents being close at equal levels. Mossley got the nod in two rounds and she landed some punches that were impressive. It turned out that Mossley was quite strong and that outdid Taylor.

By the third round Taylor had become tired. As a result her opponent was able to find a comfortable range. It helped her to land several shots successfully. However, Taylor is an Olympic champion; she performed the rounds well, though her strength did fail at the end. The final round saw a close contest between the two women. Mossley however, was able to secure split points that led to her victory. Taylor, however, has another chance for her Olympic games. She is hopeful to take it to the end and not let the recent defeat mar her spirits. Fans, on the other hand, would also be hoping that she keeps up her spirits and trains hard for the finals.

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