Dereck Chisora slaps Vitali Klitschko at Munich weigh-in

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  1. Ofcourse the brits are gonna back up the brits

  2. Chisora is a disgrace to the sport of boxing!! he has no respect and should be banned from boxing!! i love the klistcho brothers they have respect and are probably the worlds best boxers to date! I rate vitali for keeping his cool it just shows his strenght of character to just stay calm after that cheeky slap from derek!! thats what you call proffesionalism!!

  3. That black man dont know anythin about morals.
    And people like him is loser always

  4. Bitch slap for a bitch

  5. Seriously? A bitch slap?

  6. CMON DAVID HAYE! Fill this guys face with blood!

  7. natureboyinyourface

    hits like a girl.

  8. I dont care if Chisora is English, I hope he gets the fuck beaten out of him.

  9. fortyninepages

    Where’s your handbag when you need it most?

  10. Awesome!

  11. Dublin17Ireland

    how he did not hit him back is beyond me its something i could never do just looking at it makes me want to hit the scumbag

  12. One is bred from self control, the other from savage…..
    Guess which is which

  13. GazuotaVarshke

    Dereck Chisora fat cunt.

  14. he knew it was the only shot that he can land

  15. bartoloporonga

    Black people again…

  16. makes me sick to see what boxing can be like when you mix it with immaturity and cockiness! fair enough have the banter but keep it in the ring!

  17. Like if Derek Chisora been a twat as usual brought you here

  18. look whos ban now lol

  19. dude vitali won already

  20. lol u can tell without the sucker punch

  21. niggers

  22. Give him a break, he obviously misplaced his handshake…

  23. your from the UK? Rofl

  24. fatguyanthony

    whens the fight please?