Oct 14

Sonnen And Ross Team Up To Broadcast MMA

Chael Sonnen a retired UFC champion is going to make a new debut as a commentator in the upcoming MMA. He has been a well-known superstar as a fighter in UFC and knows some great points about the match. While he will take the centre stage of the MMA as a commentator it will make people love it as he has been outstanding in all the various roles he has played. The fact which makes this comeback a major one is that he will be teaming up with WWE hall of fame Jim Ross. Ross is a name in the word of fighting. He is a well famed commentator and he joining hands with the mixed martial arts star Chael will be an event to watch out for. Ross claimed his happiness of being able to broadcast the MMA is one of the things he is looking out for. This is because he was a big fan of MMA since childhood and hence it will be one of the events that he will be looking out for.

Ross has been a broadcaster of NFL and XFL games. Apart from this he has also broadcasted FOX sports boxing and WEE fights. He has also been a manager and a part time wrestler. Now MMA will be a new adventure for him that he is looking forward to. Sonnen also showed his gratitude to the decision as he said that it will be a mega event on television where Ross and he will be sitting on the cage side and broadcasting a MMA fight. He said that this will be an event which no one would ever like to miss. The fighter played his last 11 boults inside the octagon and later joined FOX sports in broadcasting the fights, now it will be interesting to do what he does with Ross.

Sep 14

Defeat leads to a smart move by Youriorkis Gamboa

Youriorkis Gamboa is a Cuban professional boxer who hails from very humble origins. The greatest achievement in his career remains the gold medal which he had won in the Athens Olympics. Sadly, he had to sell off his own medal in order to support his own family. Along with his brother he has been training in boxing from an early age and has never looked back since. There has been numerous accolades to his name in the Flyweight and featherweight categories.

Terrence Crawford succeeded in defeating Youriorkis Gamboa in the last game that both of them were involved in. It was a hardly fought affair and Gamboa had an upper hand in the opening rounds. But Crawford changed his stance and perplexed his opponents a bit. The attacks became quite predictable and he failed to come up with suitable answer to the tactics that were being used by his opponent. But he did not go down without the fight. The WBO Welterweight title was on line and Youriorkis Gamboa put in his best efforts to defeat his heavy built opponent. Size did matter in the end but one cannot help but appreciate the tenacity of the youngster. Gamboa seemed to have learnt a lesson from his mistake. Thereby he has decided to return to the super featherweight category and try his luck in the same. This is going to be a smart move as there are very few opponents in the category who can actually compete against him. This will ensure him more of a title opportunity. The fans shall be looking forward to his success in the coming years. He is already a star in his own right with a huge number of people following him on and off the ring. The coming years are going to be most challenging for sure.

Aug 14

Cain’s return to top has inspired Junior Santos

Cain Velasquez was the new crowned heavyweight champ with solid wins over Lesnar & Nogueira- he was dominant and undefeated 3 years back. But it all ended in 2011 (November 12) when Velasquez was knocked out by Brazilian star Junior Santos within 64 seconds in a stormy match.

However, the American UFC heavyweight champ did not quit though. He came back in full glory to earn back his previous heightened status with a fast gold win over Silva (Antonio). And this powerful return to top even after a smashing defeat is what has inspired Junior Santos, who was once the reason for the American to lose out on his previous topper status.

Ironically, Santos too lost out to the 31-year-old American heavyweight champ a year afterwards. In a recent interview the 30 year old Brazilian MMA star was all praise about Cain.

“I admire Cain a lot”, stressed Santos in a recent interview. “He bounced back after that 1st defeat, learnt from the mistakes & came in full glory to knock me down. I am taking this as an inspiration for my own evolution & I would find it.”

Junior Santos has earlier beaten the heavyweight likes of Frank Mir, Fabricio Werdum, Mark Hunt & Shane Carwin under UFC banner, He is pretty confident that UFC chief Dana White would readily offer him to aim one more shot at gold as he goes on beating more number of heavyweight contenders.

“I am very open minded & tend to learn things fast. You would find a very different Cigano from now on in my upcoming fights. This would pitting me against Cain again & I am hopeful to come up with a different result in comparison to what was witnessed in our past couple of matches”, Santos sounded all determined.

Jul 14

Will Barret’s Recent Gimmick Ruin His Career?

Monday saw an unexpected scene during the RAW and Wade Barret while standing behind the podium threw challenge against Michael Cole and as a result the entire pack of audience at the WWE got agitated. Now, this is what the experts tag as ‘creating another Barret bad news.’

While stating an unpopular opinion, Barret, on the other hand thanked his fans in polite manner for their time. Some are also saying that this Gimmick of Barret created an ideal promo for the upcoming WWE bouts. It is expected that Barret will entertain the live audience during most of the important matches of the impending WWE matches. And his charisma, delivery will enthrall the people in the stands, believe the experts.

However, the critics of the Nexus leader believe that, after his outstanding debut and a whirlwind career, now Wade Barret is having a tough time surpassing the gimmicks created by his own. But no matter what happens, Barret seems to remain undisturbed by all these as long as his fans cheer even now when he is out of the ring.

“The social networking sites always enjoy good revenues by displaying Wade Barret’s clips of so called gimmicks to the world. His fans love it,” said noted sports correspondent Alfred Kunowa in his recent article. Now it is time to see whether Barret has to stoop down to these gimmicks or he can emerge out of it and stand out as a successful former heavyweight champion and pull in crowd to the WWE bouts. But Barret’s true fans say, coming out to limelight from the obscurity should not be through the platform of gimmicks for the once noted fighter.

Time will answer what path the 33-year-old alumni of University of Liverpool choose.

Feb 14

Khan trails Marcos Maidana in fans’ poll

According to a public poll, Argentine boxer Marcos Maidana is the clear favorite to take on the Pound for Pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. ahead of British boxer Amir Khan.

The Bolton based brawler has polled only 20 percent of the votes on Twitter after the world Light Middleweight champion asked his fans who they wanted to see him fight against on his profile, which is followed by 4.5 million users.

And the results show that the Argentine has polled a whopping 80 percent of the fans’ votes against Khan’s 20 percent to be the next challenger to face the undefeated Light Middleweight champion for a fight which is expected for the 3rd of May at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Amir Khan had been very confident about setting up a fight against the legendary American boxer this year as he tries to be the first boxer to snap his unbeaten streak but the results of the poll will make him sweat.

Negotiations about a fight are already underway between the two camps and have been so for quite some time. Mayweather Jr. has admitted to people close to him that he wants to fight the Briton and Khan has announced that he has already signed his part of the agreement for the fight in December.

Yet, despite putting pen to paper to the deal, Khan still faces a nervous wait as he hopes his dreams for this super fight are not dashed by the fans’ poll. The polling ends on the 9th of February and no announcement regarding the future will be made by Floyd till then.

Mayweather, who has 45 wins under his belt, has been slammed previously for handpicking opponents and if he chooses Amir Khan now against the fans’ wishes, he will be

Dec 13

Carl Froch looks at Las Vegas payday

English double world champion Carl Froch wants to wind down his glittering career with a couple of money spinning matches in Las Vegas, Nevada with Andre Ward or Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. or both as his preferred opponents.

The International Boxing Federation or IBF and World Boxing Association or the WBA Super Middleweight Championship holder defeated fellow Briton George Groves in a title match last month at the Manchester Arena with a ninth round stoppage and he is looking forward to the twilight of his career with a couple of big money matches in the United States of America.

Groves has already started lobbying for a rematch after many claimed that the fight ended rather unfortunately for him and he deserved another shot at the title. But according to Froch, Las Vegas is the fight capital of the world and having one fight there would mean a lot more than treading over old grounds again.

Carl Froch maintained that he has fought in America before but to do it under the spectacular lights of Las Vegas, with all the glitz and glamour on show would be sensational and it is a dream that he has cherished for long.

The Nottingham based fighter stated that he has three more fights left in him at most and he would do his all to get the best three fights possible to bring his career down to a close. He stated that as far as the match against Groves is concerned, he gave him a fair shot at it and he blew it and he is not interested in a rematch.

But the one rematch Carl Froch is eager for is against Andre Ward, the American who inflicted one of the two defeats the Cobra has suffered in his career, the other being to Mikkel Kessler.

Oct 13

Froch believes his superstar status sold out

English Super Middleweight boxer Carl Froch believes that it is his status as a massive superstar of international scale the sale of tickets for his match against George Groves in November has been so impressive.

According to a report, the fight scheduled for the 23rd of November sold a whopping 18,000 tickets in barely eleven minutes since the tickets became available. The Nottingham based Froch will be putting his World Boxing Association or the WBA and the International Boxing Federation or the IBF Super Middleweight Championship belts on the line against his countryman and he made no secret of his dislike for the up and coming pugilist. Continue reading →

Sep 13

Amir Khan keen on Mayweather Jr. fight

Arguably the biggest name in boxing at the moment could be heading to England and the fabled Wembley Stadium to take on one of Britain’s very own boxing legends.

It has been revealed by sources close to English boxer Amir Khan that he is planning a sensational showdown against the Pound for Pound boxing king Floyd Mayweather Jr. in May 2014. And Richard Schaefer, the chef of Golden Boy Promotions, the company that looks after the boxing affairs of the Bolton based brawler stated in a recent interview that the fight between The Money and Khan is a distinct possibility and admitted that the fight would be massive.

He mentioned that he has been told by Khan that he wants the fight badly and he went on to state that there is no reason why the fight couldn’t happen with the iconic Wembley Stadium providing a very viable venue for what would potentially be a super fight between two of the best fighters of their generation.

Schaefer admitted that whatever it takes, there will easily be 80,000 fans inside the stadium for the match and it would definitely be a huge fight to have and it is a fight that Amir Khan is very keen on. Mayweather Jr. takes on Mexican boxer Saul Alvarez this weekend at Las Vegas in Nevada and Khan is expected to fly into the United States to be at ring side for the match.

Amir Khan admitted that it is his dream to set up a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and to have the fight at the Wembley Stadium would be absolutely huge for both his fans as well as the fans of Mayweather Jr. He stated that he has never ducked a challenge and this is one challenge he is looking very forward to.

Jun 13

Amir Khan could take on Pacquiao

Talk of The Filipino Bomber Manny Pacquiao and the Pound for Pound Welterweight King Floyd Mayweather Jr. going at each other inside the ring has been the most hyped up conversation over the last few years. Admitted that both the fighters are no longer in their primes anymore, but it would still be a match that breaks all pay per view sales records, although the prospect of such a fight is almost next to none, keeping in mind their past run-ins.

However, one fighter who could be the potential wrench in the much talked about match is the English boxer Amir Khan. According to insider sources from Golden Boy Promotions, which looks after the fights of the Englishman, stated that he is just one win away from landing a shot at the American Pound for Pound King and his World Boxing Council or the WBC Welterweight Championship. According to the insider, Khan is just a fight away from a shot at the American and he also needs a title to boost his chances.

He has a match that is already agreed and according to the source, Amir Khan will finally sign the contract in the next few days and the official announcement will be then made. They have also mentioned that they are in talks with the ruling family of the United Family of Emirates who are keen to hold a major boxing event in the country as soon as possible.

If Khan wins in style and assuming that Manny Pacquiao wins his bout against Brandon Rios, then there could also be the possibility of Amir Khan taking on the challenge of the Filipino in an eliminator which would see the winner getting a shot at the American boxer, targeting his unbeaten streak and the WBC Welterweight Championship around his waist.

Apr 13

Cleverly praises Krasniqi resolve

Having defended his World Boxing Organization or the WBO Light Heavyweight Championship successfully against Robert Krasniqi, welsh boxer Nathan Cleverly heaped praise on his opponent from last night for the way he got stuck in and refused to give up, in spite of being knocked down several times. The 26 year old Cardiff lad hailed the performance of the Kosovo born German national as a fight of grit and determination against his brute strength that got the better of him on more than one occasion.

Cleverly retained his WBO Light Heavyweight Championship belt against Krasniqi, defeating him on points via unanimous decision and this win moves him a step closer to a lucrative title unification match against Bernard Hopkins, the holder of the International Boxing Federation or the IBF Light Heavyweight Championship. The 26 year old demonstrated just what he is made of in what was an absolutely dominant display of raw power  and has praised his challenger for going all the way in the bout.

Speaking to the media a day after the match, Cleverly stated that Krasniqi was hurt many times but he just refused to give up and so he had to revert to his plan A and just box him out of the match. He mentioned that he felt really good inside the ring and added that he was pleased with the performance he put up and the result, before admitting that his opponent had been tough to last the distance as well.

He stated that at the level they are fighting, it is very important to break down the opponent because one cannot afford to be gung-ho against a fighter ready to go 12 rounds, but he was surprised at the resolve shown by Krasniqi and thanked him for giving him a good match as well.