Amir Khans official Announcement for his NEXT opponent!

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  1. He picks a guy renowned for his feather fists. who runs, doesn’t fight.
    This is comedy, it’s actually very funny. Wait ! Is this a late April fools
    or something ? Ahh you got me, you got me.

  2. Should’ve gave AB that work Amir! You have the chops to drop him, over and
    over again lol

  3. Kell Brook, a world title fight, isn’t going to set you up for the
    Mayweather fight but Chris Algieri is? 

  4. Macoroni macorino

    Ducking brook no question now, avoiding big punchers, because if he gets
    koed no floyd fight

  5. When is khan going to realize that if he don’t have a belt and coming off a
    huge defining win, Floyd isn’t going to fight him. Beating the same
    beltless guy that pacquiao destroyed wont help him at all.

  6. Really??? Alegeri??? Fucking coward fight bradley or brooks you pussy

  7. BoyyInDetention

    “I wanna fight in New York and it will give my UK fans a chance to travel”
    stfu you money hungry cunt… How is this fair on UK fans exactly, so we
    pay over £600 to watch you fight a pointless fighter. Fight Kell Brook and
    he will send you into retirement you weak chin pussy. I’m a a pakistani and
    you are one arrogant piece of shit. Can’t wait until your chin gets rocked.


  9. AngelBlackwellX

    Disappointing choice of opponent Amir. If you were to have fought Brook and
    taken the only remaining title being his IBF crown; it would have proven
    quite the leverage to negotiate a showdown with the unified king of MayPac.
    This contest will take you no closer or much further from your dream
    showdown depending on the outcome, be it predictable or not.

  10. Just having to tell us who Algieri is proves the guys a nobody. I’m a Khan
    fan but this fight makes no sense. Just a meaningless keep busy fight &
    please don’t mention Brook all of his fight except one have been against
    guys on a level below or similar to Algieri 

  11. Pointless fight

  12. Quack Quack. Old glass chin won’t fight anyone with power. Kell would smash
    that glass.

  13. what a waste of time. why are you running scared? you were saying
    Mayweather was scared to fight you but you choose this bum as your next
    opponent with so many better choices out there. 

  14. This is terrible. Meaningless, stay busy fight.

    And I’m a big Khan fan. So spare me the BS! 

  15. Literally the first word that came to my mind when I saw this was PUSSY!!!
    I dont know whether Amir kahn or his wife has a bigger pussy.
    “King khan” my ass

  16. Still ducking Brook

  17. fuck it the fights made I got khan winning by decision but algieri will
    land some good shots

  18. AngelBlackwellX

    *Faryal is taking awfully long on that sammich*

  19. you’re a fucking joke dude. Kill yourself. This guys is bigger than Kell
    Brook? lmfao 

  20. No one is intersted to watch it, aamir really u’re a pussy.

  21. khalid jabarkhail

    Brook fought jo jo dan.. Lol algeiri just had a fight with PACQIOU.. So
    khans opponents are much better and tougher.. 

  22. Crude Oil Analysis

    He’s delicate around the whiskers 

  23. Ruaridh Currie

    Sick of all the Kahn hating over the years, but this is a laughable choice
    of opponent, Jesus, at least let Algieri’s promoters build him back up
    after his humiliation and at least pretend it’s not a joke fight. Pathetic
    choice and shows that again, Amir and his promoters are looking for the 1
    big cash in fight to ensure a bumper pay day before we see rubber legs make
    another appearance. 

  24. If I was on khans team I think Robert Guerrero might have been the best
    choice. A tough, respectable boxer who couldn’t really knock you out.

  25. Khan don’t take this fight lightly like you did with the Garcia fight. Get
    the win and move on to a bigger opponent asap. Fight Brook or Rematch
    Garcia, these are the only fights I think that could lead you into a fight
    with the winner of Mayweather Pacquio. I think Khan will end up facing the
    loser of that fight and I think he can beat either of them, its just will
    they give him the chance.