A Quick View On World Boxing Championships

After winning the quarter-final round of the World Boxing Championships (WBC) bronze medal for Briton Peter McGrail is guaranteed now.

European champion of Liverpool dominated Leonel De Los Santos of Dominican Republic to claim the victory of 4-1 in the bantamweight (56kg) division.

Meanwhile, the hopes of Compatriot Ben Whittaker a middleweight medal (75kg) ended by Oleksandr Khyzhniak of Ukraine.

In the tournament, the heavyweight Cheavon Clarke (95kg) lost the match from Erislandy Savon of Cuba when the referee of the match stopped the contest.

At the championship’s first fight, the young player was overwhelmed by bronze medalist of the Rio 2016; Savon is also the nephew of Felix Savon, who is the three-time Olympic champion.

Pat McCormack of Birtley, who competed at the Olympics of 2016, was defeated by Shakhram Giyasov of Uzbekistan in their welterweight fight of 69 kg during the evening session on Tuesday.

After the match when Savon was asked about it, he seems very happy about winning the match and he said, “It was a really pleasant win, the fight was no doubt very tough and entertaining. I was amazed to watch the fight of Clarke. He is a good fighter and I love competing with him.”

Giyasov who defeated McCormack in a short interview said, “The overall fight was challenging and tough for both of us. We both fought in the match with a great spirit and were really a fun. I am excited that I defeated an Olympic participant, it is a great achievement for me.”

Meanwhile, the semi-final match of McGrail will take place on Thursday. Complete details of the match are available on the internet. Anyone check the information as well as detail of the fight there. Videos of the fight are also available on the internet.

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